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Dubbed "Fortunate Islands" and Garden of the Hesperides, settled in the Atlantic, near the Sahara, perhaps we can say that they are African by situation, but really are Hispanic

A total of seven islands divided into two provinces, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Each island is a natural paradise which lead it to become a major and unique international tourist destination.

Despite the tourist boom, The Canary  keep alive its rich artistic, popular and folk patrimony. For those looking for more than just resting, sunbathing and sea, and shopping this is an important reason.


The largest of the islands of the province. From the air presents its almost triangular silhouette projected on the same sea that plied the ships of the great discoverers.

For those who are lucky to get to Tenerife, whether by boat or by air, the first vision convince that the trip was worthwhile. The sight of El Teide, a perfect peak, awesome standing out against the sky infinity is an unforgettable experience.


Suggestive colours, giant lava deserts, unique vegetation full of exotic flowers, with valuable Fauna species unique, the sky of one of the clearest skies on the planet .... Every moment is to feel free in magical places that intoxicate the senses.

The island of the eternal spring, the largest of the Canary Islands, is the perfect place to give yourself the best holiday. At an annual average of 23 degrees Celsius, any time is ideal to merge with the environment and practicing various sports and leisure activities, or simply relax at any of the fantastic beaches of the island.

From the Atlantic to the summit of the impressive volcano Teide. Different and charming, the northern and southern contrast as if thousands of miles. In just over an hour drive, yellow and ochre such suggestive south giving way to green vegetation penetrating north. The cause: the trade winds, facing the northern side of the mountains to drop off their moisture and irrigate her land.


captivate you with its gastronomy, traditions, festivals, cultural and heritage values.

You can almost say that every day is a fiesta: Celebrations, Carnaval, Easter, Christmas and neighbourhood festivities, in which is mixed  religion, tradition and local colour.  This creates a sense, colourful full of melody folklore.

The Carnaval of Santa Cruz de Tenerife are Fiestas of International Tourist Interest and are held between February / March.


In the south of Tenerife, in the municipality of Arona, there are four different zones that are international destinations: Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Las Galletas, Arona Costa del Silencio and rural.

Our destination is Las Galletas - Costa del Silencio with spring weather and charm of fishing and residential neighbourhood. It has a beach of black sand and pebbles. A place like a few to enjoy quiet walks, gardens, sun, beach and sea. Since it can not be otherwise is a perfect place to practice or start the practice of diving.

In the city centre and residential of Las Galletas can find a variety of shops, bars, restaurants worth enjoying.

And do not forget to mention that the volcanic origin can also be seen very close to here in The Guaza Mountain.

And to spark the imagination we showed this video.


Los Gigantes cliffs
is a volcanic whim of nature. It is the main attraction for the view of the municipality to which it belongs, Santiago del Teide.

The majestic landscape of the cliffs, the sea, the mountains linked to mild climate makes this place an ideal destination for sports fans related to nature: hiking, diving.

From the marina boats leave the Gigantes for whale watching, for fishing or other water sports. In addition more than simply want to take a dip in the ocean with amazing views can do so at the beach black sand winks.


The city was an ancient harbour of the island located in the coastal area of the Orotava Valley, which now is surrounded by hotels and restaurants, making it one the most visited places. The view of Teide is of extreme beauty and impressive shows seen from the Puerto de La Cruz.

It was the first tourist destination of the island and is a must visit the magnificent Lake Martiánez pool complex, designed by César Manrique.

Notably beaches of San Telmo, Garden, Martiánez; its places like Viera y Clavijo and the square of Benito Pérez Galdós, its churches, its landmarks such as La Casa de la Aduna, Casa del Palacio Ventoso, Castillo San Felipe, Loro Parque, and Gardens: Jardín Botánico, Jardínes de Martiánez, Parque Toro y Risco Bello not leave indifferent to the visitor.

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